Blisslight Yoga welcomes all to experience Hatha Yoga and Traditional Tantra for happiness and wholesome wellbeing.

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Blisslight Yoga provides Traditional Tantra (Hatha) yoga tuition in the Glasgow area of Scotland. Tantra Yoga has a slow, considered style with postures most people will recognise from Hatha classes. Its great for strength, flexibility, meditation and over all health. Tantra yoga classes are suitable for most levels of fitness and experience (read more). For times of regular yoga classes around Glasgow see the table below. Classes cost £8 to drop in, £5 for for those not working full time, buy 5 classes for £35 or join the mailing list and ask about member deals and offers. Please note voucher deals on other sites (see bottom of page for instuctions) are introductory and not valid for existing students, so if you have been and like the class, join the mailing list and ask for Blisslight deals and class updates.

I'm Vikki, the teacher at Blisslight Yoga. My own Yogic journey began with a personal insight while doing my day job as a nurse. It became clear to me that that my passion for helping people and supporting positive change was leading me deeper into the ancient science of Yoga. I realise through my own life expereinces and working with those in physical or emotional need my curiousity and drive is finding the source of real happiness and fulfillment, now and though our lives. After completing an advanced program with Happy Minds and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I journeyed out to India to study Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram. Yoga and Tantra offer life altering perspectives integrated at a subconscious level to make ones experience deeply fulfilling. I look forward to sharing these amazing sciences with you.

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Tantra Yoga Classes in Glasgow City Centre, West End and South Side

Tantra yoga is a traditional form of yoga taken from the ancient Rg Vedic texts. Classes include a series of postures for rebalancing your health and whole being. Vikki is the only teacher in Scotland teaching this system of Hatha yoga (Traditional Tantra Yoga). The Tri Dosha balancing series is part of a complete spiritual science taught in India by her teacher Bhagavan Shanmukha who studied Right and then Left Hand Tantra with his grandparents and then a teacher from North Eastern India Shri Ma Gurumayi respectively. Bhagavan has been sharing his wealth of knowledge around the world for
4 decades now. Tantrics study the texts for many years and understand the science of wholesome health and wellbeing.

This style of yoga is focused on strengthening, relaxing and re-energizing the whole body system. You are encouraged into deep meditation during class to rebalance and rebuild your whole self. The weekly classes consist largely of postures, breath and meditation. Most people familiar with Hatha yoga will recognise many elements of this style. Tantra Yoga is low impact and great for building the body slowly. It's suitable for those with weight issues and other physical challenges. For more about Tantra Yoga (including misconceptions about sexuality rituals) click here.

What to expect in class 

This class includes the Tantra Yoga balancing series each week, this varies very little allowing your practice to become second nature, you do it without thinking consciously about it, and this allows you to focus on the sensation of the practice. There is frequent rest in between Asanas (postures) which are guided in a direct and specific manor as you learn the series the teacher becomes a cue to flow between poses your body already remembers. 

Breaths in the Tantra system are slow, long and continually expanding which increases lung capacity and balances health. You are encouraged to re-culture yourself during your practice and learn to link exhaling with the sensation of relaxing and letting go, to link your own body with confidence and enjoyment and your practice with a blissful experience rather than a work out. 

The series is taught with Asanas held for 30 to 60 seconds which allows the time to notice how you cope with the posture and make a choice to adjust and rest or continue. This slow mindful approach makes the Tantra yoga series great for people with existing injuries or stiffness allowing them to build strength and flexibility over time.  

The teaching style is more hands off than some other schools, you will be adjusted if you are doing something dangerous or have not understood the instruction but the Tantra philosophy promotes personal freedom and responsibility with translates into more subtly guiding students into discovering their own bodies over a period of time. This culturing body feel and body confidence means students find a change in their self-concept, posture and coordination as they progress. 

Much of the main class is practised with eyes closed listening for the verbal cue to move and breathe, this encourages students to remain self-aware. Students can find they can drop into dream state during or at the end of class whilst still able to follow the teachers guidance. This ability to fall into trance develops and grows and for many people provides a much needed break from the jumble of their everyday thought processes. This focus on meditation during practice also serves to balance the body, subtly underpinning the Tantra system which aims to harmonize and synchronize the physical emotional, psychological, spiritual and every other aspect of us as complete beings.

If you want to talk one to one please arrange to meet me early before class or stay behind and chat afterwards, some nights I have to run off to work or close the studio, others I can get a coffee or talk in the yoga room. I can give general advise about health but you should also check with your GP or specialist before coming to class. Mats, straps and blankets can be hired/borrowed, please bring comfortable clothes and avoid lots of food the afternoon before class. 

When Where
Monday 6-7.15pm
In The Moment Yoga , 1st floor/front (buzzer)
Glasgow Unitarian Church Centre
72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow,
G3 7DS  


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Email me at if you prefer taking a class at the convenience of your home or at our venue in Charing Cross Glasgow.

*The Barn is situated in the Riding School yard. Follow the road into the park at the Haggs Castle Golf Club and turn right, you can park outside the riding school. Walk through the court yard, The Old Barn is at the back of the yard, theres a Green sign by the door.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini uses repetitive movement linked with strong breath, music and chanting to provide an energising and uplifting experience. Kundalini yoga can often be preformed sitting down and participation is more important than ability. Vikkis friend Amber teaches a form of yoga influenced by the style introduced by Yogi Bhajan in the 60s/70s and by her traditional yoga training. The class is intended to be a feel good class open to all, promoting self awareness, relaxation and happiness.

Kundalini Group Events

Tantra Workshops

Learn the ancient science of life. Happiness and peace come when you are free from illusion. Illusions and fears keep us from being our real selves and our innate state of bliss. Tantra is about living your real life in real happiness. Check out meetup group for the latest workshop listings or Join the Mailing List.

The holistic philosophy of Tantra is integral to the Tantra yoga Asana system. Tantrics have an understanding of Prana (Chi In Chinese medicine-acupuncture) through studying the vedic texts. The asana system balances the body and mind, restoring the correct flow of Prana/Chi and allowing health and a state of relaxed mediation. This ability to be "in your subconscious mind" helps students know their real selves, the first step towards living their life in real happiness, bliss and freedom. Students find the asana system has healed many physical health issues, built strength and flexibility and nurtured the ability to meditate deeply, to be with their true self. This workshop includes Asana (postures), Prāṇāyāma and opportunity for questions and discussion with tea and snacks.

Home Classes in Glasgow area

Enjoy Tantra and Kundalini Yoga in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends or ask for help with a specific interest. Learning in your home can help to fit around your busy schedule and find some time to relax and recharge. Try a yoga session for an evening with your friends with good vibes.

Relaxing retreats, Teacher training and Tantra courses in India. 

Traditional Tantra Yoga Healing body and mind and cultivating relaxation
Yoga Alliance certified teacher training and long term Tantra courses in India.
Stay in Beautiful South Goa at Turtle Beach Nature Reserve and learn traditional Tantra Yoga (
Breaks available as short stay, 1-3 monthly stay, 6 months and one year. Personalized courses also available.

Make a yoga retreat part of an Indian adventure and take advantage of traveling in air-conditioned trains and staying in guest houses for pennies in tropical paradises, cultural heritage sites and mountain wonderlands.

For more details of joining me in India or collection from the Goa airport plus travel arrangements, course detials, photos of my trips or any other questions contact me at (

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